Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats with Milk Chocolate M&Ms Minis

Certain foods have stuck with me my whole life. Coke, Chipotle, a fondness for the flavor combos of Chewy bars but not the grittiness of actually eating them, and lovingly staring at Rice Krispies Treats bars. Today on my way home, I picked one up, imagined its marshmallow and crisped rice flavor and smiled. It was chock, and I mean chock— FULL of mini M&Ms.

When I was growing up, my high school served Domino’s Pizza in the cafeteria, had soda machines in every hallway on the main campus and snack machines mostly near the lunchroom. I was too poor to eat a slice and afford a drink everyday. I had a ten dollar budget I stretched five days. I regularly ate a cardboard boat of seasoned fries fresh from thaw into the deep fryer and a Sprite. Two bucks a day, five days, covered.

On days where lunches and snacks were shared, two things reigned supreme: peanut M&Ms and RICE. KRISPY. TREATS. As evidenced by my attraction to Cookies and Creme Twix’s electric blue wrapper, Rice Krispies Treats have always held my eye. The snack-size, to-go single one shot versions were always in the lunchboxes of my better-off friends, but every once in a while the line for fries was too long, or I got there too late. So I either chose a Jumbo Honeybun or you guessed it, a Rice Krispies Treat.

I liked them as much then as I do now. Pillowy, crunchy puffed rice. Gooey, sweet marshmallow sugar strings as you pull them apart; because who eats these whole? And now, in adulthood, the crunchy, chocolatey addition of tiny, perfect little M&Ms. They’re the perfect bite, the perfect yield, the perfect chew, the perfect bend and pull and shareable size.

They’re sweet and perfect. The best, best, best version of a marshmallow square you, or your friends, or your mom, or grandma tried to make for you. They don’t use off-brand cereal, they aren’t stale and flat-tasting like other brands. They aren’t too hard and don’t feel like the edges are razor sharp and ready to slice your tongue in two.

It’s commercial marshmallow: corn syrupy, vegetable oil and natural and artificial flavor, toasted rice cereal and mini candy-coated chocolate morsels. If you like that description? Crave that?

Buy one of these.

Found at Wawa.

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