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Let’s get weird!

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Hey ya’ll its Friday! For us Monday through Friday-ers this is pretty exciting. I have a lot of stuff in  my pending file that I need to get through, so I thought I would do something fun to get the ole brain gears turning. Recently while listening to a podcast by one of my favorite groups of people called Continue Cast they posed the following question:

If you had a pool of food to swim in, what would it be filled with?

Personally? I think mine would be marshmallows. Although I think I somewhat experienced this when I went into an indoor trampoline place here in Sacramento and almost broke my back jumping into a foam pit. It was nearly impossible to make  my way out of the pit because the more I moved the more I sank. Maybe I should change my answer… cold hot chocolate? Then I could have a drink while swimming around.

What would you choose?

May 17, 2013

April Fools!

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Back to back holidays you say? Wowee! Just a quick update to let you all know that my friends (in real life!) over at Fist Full Of Potions have mentioned yours truly on their 100th podcast!


Fist Full of Snacks is an April Fools joke for their listeners, but everything they talk about is true! The return of Twinkies, Doritos Locos Tacos, Lays Potato Chips, and much more! Sadly you won’t hear my magical voice, but I provided the cheat sheet of topics! If you’ve got some time to spare and don’t mind a fart joke or two, give them a listen and tell them that SYD sent you!

April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

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Hey Peeps! I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter and it is filled with so much candy that your teeth fall out.

Check out some of my favorite candy reviews from the defunct website Sadly the last update was in 2008 but they have some of the most hilarious reviews I have ever read (I was a fan when the website first started). If you don’t laugh at any of them, well then you’re not human.


March 30, 2013

The Graze Debacle

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As some of you may have seen, or been part of the great Graze Debacle that happened on my blog recently. It was never my intention to lead people on into thinking that I could get them hooked up with a Graze invite. When I originally started receiving my Graze boxes, I kept my invites with the intention of giving them away on my blog when I wrote my first review – all was good and well until I discovered that Graze had shutdown all of my invites (along with MANY other people). I pulled the invite portion from my blog as quickly as I could to try to do a bit of damage control.

Part of this consisted of contacting Graze themselves to see if they could offer an expiration as to why my invites had expired in the first place, because there was no expiration date listed anywhere that I could find. I was given this response :

I completely see your point of view and totally understand your frustration about not being able to use the code that was sent to you – and I can’t disagree with your opinion that it would have been far better service to let folks know what we were going to do in advance of stopping the codes.

I am afraid that our sole reason for changing the codes from 4 invites to 1 right away is that we had to act really fast. Customers were signing up incredibly fast and we were in danger of getting to a point where we would be unable to offer customers a good service. We are really sorry that this change happened so quickly and that we did not inform you.

She later went on to explain that they updated their FAQs to reflect this information, but I can’t say I check website FAQs every time I visit a website to see if they have added something new.

I will still continue to purchase Graze boxes, but I definitely feel like they dropped the ball with their customer service in regards to this situation. I am working on getting those of you who were interested invites (through friends and the like) and will be more cautious in the future about situations like these.

Thank you for your understanding, and let’s get back to eating some junk food.


March 10, 2013

Graze Box – Number 1

Hey guys! Have any of you ever heard of Graze? It originally started in the UK and has been slowly branching out into the USA on an invite basis. The basic concept is that for $5 they will send you a mailbox sized box full of 4 different snacks every other week. There are over 80 different options to choose from and they are adding more.

Graze uses the following scale to rate how often they should send you something: trash, try, like, love. One of my New Years resolutions goals is to try new foods, so when I was picking out stuff I really made myself select try on more foods than I normally would.

Because of the amount of food, I will review the treats in a little bit different format than I normally do. Let’a go!

The outside packaging is no frills.

My first delivery had a nice mixture of different types of treats that Graze will send you.


Nacho Libre : salsa almonds, cheesy sombreros, jumbo chili corn

This snack mix was really good. The almonds had a nice coating of spice and the cheesy sombreros are light and crunchy. The jumbo chili corn were seriously on steroids, move over Corn Nuts.
Overall this mix : love


Billionaires Shortbread : Belgian milk chocolate, almonds, cranberries, fudge

I will admit, I was a little leery of the cranberries in this mix. I really like cranberry flavored things, but I don’t like the texture of raisins, so I was cautious. The Belgian milk chocolate was crazy good. I found the almonds to be a bit disappointing because they were completely plain, which made them slightly bland, not to mention due to the lack of skins on the almonds, they were squeaky on my teeth. The tiny fudge cubes were really yummy. Ready for my feelings on the cranberries? YUM. They were really good and not raisin-y at all.
Overall this mix : love


Inspired by Jaffa Cake : Belgian dark chocolate, orange raisins, roasted hazelnuts

Up until a few minutes ago, I had no idea what a Jaffa cake was. After a little google-fu I found out its a sponge cookie with a layer of orange jam with a coating of chocolate. I think had I known this I might have passed on this mix, but hey, what’s the harm in trying.

As before, the chocolate is very good. The hazelnuts have the same problem as the almonds did in the Billionaires shortbread, lack of roasting, not to mention they really picked up the orange flavor. The orange raisins? I can’t. I tried, I really tried. Nope. Not only do I not like raisins, I don’t care for oranges.
Overall this mix : trash


Summer Berry Compote : berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers

I was most excited to try this one in the box. Shortest review yet? SO GOOD. The compote was sweet and tart and the shortbread was exceptionally good.
Overall this mix : LOVE

*please note that this post is my own opinion (like all other posts) and was not paid or compensated with goods from Graze for this post.

March 8, 2013

Keebler Filled Pretzel Bites – Peanut Butter & Fudge

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Hello hello! Today I bring you something new from the elves at Keebler. I super love the Anderson peanut butter filled pretzels, so I figured that this would be similar but covered in chocolate – winning! I found it kind of interesting that they decided to put this snack out considering cookies are more of Keebler’s forte.


I was rather surprised to see how few were inside of the package. These would be a nice lunch treat but as for snacking? You’ll eat the whole box before you’re satisfied. I have a bowl that I keep packages of snacks this size like the 100 calorie almonds and the like in so it worked out well. Also I feel less guilty when I eat one of these little packages.

The picture and the product are a but different than each other. The real thing (pictured below – duh) looks more to me like chocolate covered panda cookies than pretzels. The pretzels are also not as full of peanut butter as the picture on the box would lead you to believe.

Upon first bite I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes chocolate covered pretzels lack the salt on the pretzel which makes it taste more like a wafer to me. Keebler kept the salt and I think it really enhances the flavor. The peanut butter on the inside was a little dry, but as a complete bite, they were good. I decided to bite one of the pretzels in half and eat the peanut butter by itself. Bad move. I don’t really know how to describe the taste but without the pretzel outside, the peanut butter is nothing but a chalky little log. Yuck.

Because of the size of the package, there are usually only 3-5 pretzels inside, which can be slightly disappointing when you start to get into them.


Texture : 4/5 – The chocolate fudge on the outside is smooth, the pretzel has a nice crunch to it, and the peanut butter is a little weird. For best results eat in one bite.

Smell : 3/5 – The only smell that I could pick out was the chocolate.

Appearance : 2/5 – These aren’t the most visually appealing snack food out there. The shape is rather odd (though if they were not covered in chocolate I think the shape would be okay).

Taste : 3.5/5 – These were good but I wouldn’t call them great. The gritty peanut butter kind of ruined it for me, but I would probably buy these again if I saw them on sale. The chocolate outside is very tasty, which I attribute to the skill that Keebler has in making cookies.

March 3, 2013


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Hello lovely readers! As some of you may have notice it has been rather quiet around here lately. I started a new job last week and that coupled with an unexpected pet emergency and Christmas has made things a bit hectic. Rest assure that this blog has not died, I just needed some time to pull things together. Regular reviews will resume tomorrow! Missed you guys!

December 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! I am thankful for of course my family and friends, everyone that reads my site and decides that it’s not an abomination and returns and all of the other food blogs that have shown me love! Regular reviews return tomorrow as I am so full that I could literally pop if I tried to eat one more thing.

The delicious feast my Mom prepared (not pictured, the awesome sugar cookies & cinnamon rolls my Dad made)

November 22, 2012