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Sprite Lymonade

1% juice is both a statement on lack of quality and a good time. 1% juice is walking down the aisle with your mom in the 90s and watching her pick up a gallon of orange drink. 1% juice is chugging one of those grenade shaped drinks afterschool with your friends and feeling your throat burn as you seared it with blue 1 lake and high fructose corn syrup. 1% juice wasn’t good for you, but it tasted good.

And sometimes, 1% juice is in a soda called Sprite Lymonade. Lime-on-ade? Lemo— okay look, Coca-Cola company made up a word— okay, I watched a Youtube video and they pronounce it as LIME-onade. Since Sprite is a lemon-lime soda and they’ve added just a touch of lemonade, this is Coca-Cola’s way of being quirky with their naming. It’s fun. It’s also super confusing to order if you aren’t doing it for yourself. Keep in mind, it’s not *much* lemonade. This “made with real juice” soda is still only 1% real juice.

Poured out of the bottle, Lymonade has that look to it that added lemon juice does, with free-floating juice and noticeable solids on its surface. Not even soda can hide that real quality about lemon juice.

Everything about Sprite is here, with just a little extra. There’s still that light taste, satisfying flavor and crisp bubble. It’s what is says on the bottle, and if you find regular Sprite or zero calorie Sprite enjoyable, you’ll like this. It’s a little sweeter, and still not ever near anything tart like maybe it is in an alternate universe, but it’s good.

I first found Lymonade through Coke Freestyle machines at Wawa stores near me. Usually, I’m a Coke Zero fanatic, and don’t touch normal versions of sodas unless I’m curious. To date, I’ve only drank normal versions of Coke Orange Vanilla, Sprite Cranberry and now Lymonade. It takes a lot for me to decide to try the regular version, and if you’re like me, the zero calorie version(if you’re used to drinking zero calorie and know its taste) is tasty and definitely worth it. It tastes lighter, and cleaner than it’s more syrupy, heavier normal version.

But hey, don’t take my word for it.

Found at Walgreens.

August 3, 2020