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Trader Joe’s Sparkling Black Tea with Peach Juice Beverage

What a beautiful, stylish box.

What a beautiful, stylish can.

This design transcends a lot of what Trader Joe’s has to offer, the usual old-timey drawing is in the rendering of the peaches and leaves, leaving the matte black box to stand on its own. The font, the raised, metallic rose gold letters, the top and bottom. The can itself is a creamy off-white that features the same design, one so strong it can both black AND white.

It speaks to me, and sparkling water beverages do too.

The can describes this as “Sip. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!’ Repeat.” I’m inclined to agree. These have a snappy, crisp bubble, thanks to the method of first making black tea, sweetening that with peach juice and carbonating it. The only other additives are citric acid to acidify and ascorbic acid to hold color.

It’s simple, delightful, subtle. 15 calories, 3g of carbs with 2g in sugar, none added. This is as natural as a carbonated tea can be. Sweet tea lovers, beware though, this is not a carbonated sweet tea with peach juice, this is a carbonated black tea sweetened with peach juice. Big difference. A very beautiful difference. Beware.

Are you a sparkling water drinker? Like me? Somebody who likes the joy of bubbled water but has long since moved past LaCroix? Try this. For me, somebody that doesn’t actually drink full sugar/added sugar beverages, this is actually pretty sweet. I should know. I love these so much I’ve bought 4 5 cases in two weeks, and can kill a box in a thirsty whirlwind of a night. At this rate, I might need a CO2 hookup in the house, because dude, I might need to start carbonating tea. …I might need to start carbonating like, everything.

Admittedly, this can be pricey if you’re addicted, and at a dollar a can($3.99 per pack of four), a bougie summertime treat. I would buy these on recommendation from a Trader Joe’s Crew Member, and I can assure you, yeah, kinda did, but left to my own devices? On a budget? In current year? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’d still buy these.

Get them home, chill th— Okay, do what I do. Get them home, rip open the box, grab all four(big hands, I’m a big dude), throw them in the ice in the freezer, take a shower. If you’re growing mint, gently pluck some. Or not. I don’t control how you treat your mint, and it genuinely grows like a weed so punish it if you’re feeling it. That aside, a glass of backyard sweet tea might be in your future.

Enjoy. Responsibly.

Found at Trader Joe’s.

For some fun, try this: a 3:1 ratio of tea to spiced rum.

  • 2 mint leaves
  • 1 8.75oz can of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Black Tea with Peach Juice
  • 3oz of spiced rum
  • ice
  • a sprig of mint or twist of orange peel to garnish

Start with a large glass or a big Ball jar. If you’re me, you probably have a pint Ball jar hanging around. Muddle your mint, add your ice. Pour your tea into your glass. Float some rum on that and call it an afternoon.

For me, this would be sweet enough on its own, but feel free to add a dash of simple syrup if needed. Skip that and serve it up with a hit of lemonade if you need a little more of a diffusion.

August 15, 2020