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Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Cheddar Seasoned Popcorn

For the most part, I don’t enjoy flavored popcorns. Aside from kettle corn(and most I dislike, even at that) I find the flavors to be mockeries of what they claim to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t bemoan their existence, I don’t argue their right to be. They’re just not right for me, my palate and my sensibilities. I’m just not into them.

So why, for the life of me, did I pick up Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Cheddar Seasoned Porcorn? Chile. Spice. Hot. I wanted hotcorn. Did I get it? Not… not exactly? I got, something. Something that trends on the side of cheesy and less on the side of heat, but kinda gets there.

For my palate, this isn’t spicy. This isn’t even the level of a creeping spice. Eating more and more handfuls of these won’t do anything more to bring you intensity and heat. You’ll maybe get thirsty, and maybe feel like your mouth is coated in mild chile dust. …like I did. The seasoning mixture is made up of “hatch chile cheddar seasoning” which is a mix of a cheddar blend and whey powder, buttermilk and salt, more “spices”, additional whey, sea salt, green bell pepper powder, hatch chile pepper powder, onion powder and garlic. See what I mean? There’s barely any heat because they literally skimped on it. That green bell taste is there to add “pepper” flavor and a touch of bitterness.

This popcorn isn’t Wise or Smartfood White Cheddar(the absolute standard), but it is somewhat cheesy. It isn’t flagrantly hot. But it is popcorn, and that’s something I’ll give it points for. Knowing TJs, they probably put some of their experience finding delicious popping kernels into this to ensure they it did at least meet that minimum standard.

Huh, after eating this to sample it and eating some when I opened the bag and then munching on it to review, the corner of my lip is a bit irritated.

I’ll take it.

Found at Trader Joe’s.

August 22, 2020