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Cheetos Mac’N Cheese – Bold & Cheesy

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If you have been following me for a little while, I have mentioned my insufferable lactose intolerance. Most people can still eat things like Cheetos, Cheez-Its, Goldfish, etc. but me? NOPE. All of that makes me ill, but I still will torture myself when I really want to. When I saw that Cheetos came out with Mac N’ Cheese, I knew that I HAD to try it. I absolutely love Cheetos. They are the perfect amount of salty and cheesy, crunchy and downright tasty. I used to love Kraft macaroni and cheese, but had to give it up. It was a staple item for me as a kid as I was and have been a picky eater. Now, we pair up mac and Cheetos? I’m in.

I like that they chose to use a spiral noodle. I feel like this gives a nice surface area to adhear the Cheeto cheese mixture to. This is prepared the same way that regular mac and cheese from a box is made. Boil the noodles, drain, add the cheese and milk and butter, stir, and eat directly from the potserve. I was definitely taken aback about how NEON the sauce powder was. Like, highlighter orange, could see from space orange, I probably shouldn’t be eating this orange.

The cheese for this is day-glow orange

I don’t ever have regular milk so I made this with almond milk and vegan butter, but I don’t feel that it altered the taste of this in any way that would matter as they are both used in small amounts. Upon first bite, I didn’t get Cheetos vibe at all. I actually thought this was kind of under cheesy. Comparatively, I feel like Kraft mac is very cheesy/saucy, this just felt like a thinner coating. I also think that this could benefit greatly from a dusting of crushed Cheetos on top for texture. All in all, this is ok. Obviously the excitement is over the branding of this, but I felt it was pretty underwhelming. I think I would probably prefer a box of regular Kraft with a bunch of crushed Cheetos on top, that would be the play. Totally not worth the tummy pains after eating.

Found at Walmart
July 26, 2021