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M&M’s – Fudge Brownie

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Good Afternoon! This is another one from the snack food vault – foods I tried a while ago but got put on the back burner to write a review for. I hope everyone had a great week! California is ramping up on fire season so the smoke is thick and heavy here, making for a weird hazy overcast day – really makes me wish for a nice rainy day.

I honestly think the flavor of fudge brownie was much of a departure from their normal flavor profile. Kind of like cookies and creme Oreos. When it comes to brownies, are you a middle person or an edge person? Personally, I like the crispy edge bits, but I never really met a brownie I didn’t like (unless its overcooked or has nuts in it, which I will still eat but piss and moan about the nuts).

The candies have a nice chunky size to them, similar to the size of a peanut M & M or Peanut Butter. The chocolate flavor is nice and rich, and honestly probably closer to what I would expect a chocolate candy to taste like if I hadn’t tried them before. These are definitely sweet and rich, so I was done after a handful or so. At some points the flavor teetered on tasting a little on the overcooked side, but overall I think these are a pretty solid flavor. I wouldn’t mind if they were the size of classic M&M’s and in a smaller sized bag, I would probably opt to buy them over the milk chocolate version if I am feeling in a chocolatey mood. If milk chocolate is not your thing, I would say give these a try as they edge a little closer to dark chocolate (though not all the way). I enjoyed them and would buy them again.

Found at Walmart
July 24, 2021

Kit Kat – Limited Edition – Fruity Cereal

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When I was a kid, I BEGGED my parents for a cat. We always had cats, but I wanted my own cat. I wrote a long winded note and taped it to my door, asking my parents to consider my request, that I would feed the cat, clean up after it, etc. but anyone who knows a child, knows that it would be another undertaking of my parents. I don’t think it took much arm twisting, like I said, we always had a handful of cats when I was growing up (and I have 4 of my own now).

I remember my mom and I looked in the newspaper for people advertising that they had kittens, yes I am that old that we used the newspaper! We found ourselves at a lady’s house and she had an adorable litter of kittens. I wanted all of them, but one stuck out to me, probably because she was so small. I left the lady’s house with my runt kitten in tow, a cat that I would have for 20 years. My mom asked me what I wanted to name her, and one name was all I considered, Kit Kat.

I couldn’t tell you if Kit Kats were my favorite at the time, but the two will forever be attached together. Kit Kats are definitely a go to candy for me, especially with the addition of the dark chocolate flavor. Dark chocolate, a candy that I can snap apart and eat methodically? I. Am. In.

When you open the packaging of these cuties, you are immediately met with the smell of berry. Pastel pink with bits of pieces of fruity cereal are really pleasing to the eye. Also I know it is definitely a licensing thing, but I feel like it was a little bit of a missed opportunity by not calling it Frooty Cereal!

The white chocolate is very soft which I remember the Party Ice Cream Kit Kats being the same way. The chocolate is smooth and has a great texture with the wafer part and the cereal bits. The flavor is strong but not overpowering, no distinct fruit flavor that you can pick out, but a nice blend of berry flavoring. Essentially, the overall flavor of these are stronger flavored cereal milk after you’ve eaten all the cereal. I think this is a great white chocolate offering to add to their permanent line up if they decide to keep it around.

Don’t steal my fingerprints to do crimes, it’s hotter than hot in here in California, and everything remotely melty is right on the edge of it’s seat of falling apart in your hands and my Kit Kats are no exception in this heat right now. I would definitely buy these again, and now that I am thinking about it, I should probably put a few in the fridge for a late night snack!

Found at Walmart

June 30, 2021

Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Candy Bar

As I’ve touched on in the past, Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar was the first time I ever encountered white chocolate as a pre-teen(aside from Easter bunnies). Well guess what, over the years they’ve changed the recipe and as a result, the Cookies and Cream bar no longer contains cocoa butter.


Which puts it in an odd place. I planned this final review of a white chocolate bar, the first time I ever had one in my life, as a cap to the week. But now, in my adulthood, the bar is no longer what it was in my youth. Granted, since the 80s and early 90s, every thing has changed, whey and palm oil and hydrogenates and high fructose have all been added or taken away, but no other candy bar I can think of has removed a quintessential ingredient, one advertised on its LABEL, and still lived on in this way.

Instead, in our great adulthood, we’re left with a cookies and creme bar advertising “now with more cookies”. An alternative universe version of itself. Peeling this bar open though, a wave of nostalgia hit. Though I had a king sized bar, I remember picking up the electric blue(there’s that color again…) packaging at my local neighborhood Publix and always being excited. In my youth, this bar felt creamy, crunchy, and not as sweet and rich as other white chocolate.

That largely remains the same. But now the cookie bits feel bigger, the cream is more like the inside of an Oreo, and it distinctively lacks the over-sweet cocoa butter white chocolate taste. That white fudge consistency where it’s akin to sweetened condensed milk.

As an adult, I enjoy the brighter, crunchier cookie aspect of this more, and find the entire thing akin to a reverse Oreo, a bit of cookie and a lot of cream. Imagine crumbling the cream of a double stuf Oreo with just one of the sandwich cookies, and you’ve pretty much just got this. It’s like somebody’s weird invention, trying to stretch a few cookies that caught on as a family thing. A silky smooth inside out Oreo bar that Oreo never made.

Despite no white chocolate, it’s still one of my favorites. It’s nice to know an old friend has changed a little, but has largely remained the same.

Found at Walgreens.

September 13, 2020

Twix White

When I was a kid, my mom used to send me to the store to get incidentals. If I was lucky enough, I got to keep the change, and on a subsequent trip I’d grab some kind of candy I liked. In my high school years, my love of Twix got upended by a sudden, torrid love affair with the white chocolate classic, Hershey’s Cookies and Creme. I’ve always been a fan of white chocolate from then on. It’s creamy-sweet in a way that milk chocolate isn’t, more akin to sweetened condensed milk in a solid form.

Mars, Incorporated made Twix White a flavor permanently in 2017, and I’m kind of proud to say that the only alternative Twix I had tried before the start of this year was peanut butter at some point. I decided to grab this at the same time as some other Mars white chocolate finds, so it’s gonna be a doozy of a time.

Fortunately, these don’t look stale or off-colored like the Cookies and Creme. On first bite, and first taste, I got normal Twix, but as the chew went on…? The white chocolate gave way to a smooth texture, and a milky taste. Not in a bad way though, honestly.

The crunchy cookie bar underneath and the textures and tastes above it combined to make this kind of a fresh-baked tasting/fresh-baked warmth in the mouth feeling that filled my nostrils. It was an odd feeling. However, on the off side? The cookie bar is gritty, and as each bite goes on, each chew mixes that grit into the white chocolate and caramel unpleasantly.

This Twix doesn’t have that classic snap under tooth. The white chocolate begins to give way, but the cookie does give a great pop as it breaks.

Overall? Not great. The white chocolate in such a great quantity did give me a bit of the stomach squicks too. If you’re potentially sensitive, don’t do this one in a hurry, and drink water.

You should be drinking water anyway.

Found at Walgreens.

September 12, 2020

White Chocolate M&Ms

Did you know that the first time white chocolate M&Ms showed up, it was during a promotion for Pirates of the Carribean’s Dead Man’s Chest? Mars launched them as “pirate pearls” and they were colored white, teal and yellow. Not that I had them back then, it was probably during Easter over 4 years later. I can’t recall a single time in my life I ever saw or even acknowledged a package of white chocolate M&Ms until last month. I bought them along with some other things I reviewed, Skittles Dips and Snickers White among them.

I poured them out onto my desk to find bigger, puffed, oblong M&Ms, very distinguishable from the originals. The finish on them were… lumpy? Not-uniform? I’d call the original M&Ms perfect oblate spheroids, uniform in texture and finish. And these are kinda like the “Nailed It” version of that. If you stare too closely, they’re kinda ugly.

So. Do you like subtlety? Can you spell it? Unlike me, who wrote the word so many times I can’t recognize it anymore? I hope you don’t, because these aren’t subtle, like at all. They’re sweet. Epicly sweet. That cocoa butter, white fudgey, sweetened condensed milk vibe that white chocolate can have, and bad white chocolate has? Yeah. Yes, that’s here, this is it.

Any and all nuance the original M&Ms have, being tiny, sweet little morsels of milk chocolate? Lost here. Gone. Dead. Blown out. If you like white chocolate, and be forewarned I like white chocolate, maybe not a horrible choice as it’s absolutely the star here, but a whole pack? A. Whole? Pack. Bless your soul.

On the con side, and yes, those up there? Those words, those were the PROS, on the con side? The shell on these turned into sharp little shards of candy glass as I chewed them. More often than not I found the candy coating trying to reconfigure itself in a way it could outright hurt me the most while eating them.

Oh, just me?


Found at Walgreens.

September 11, 2020

Snickers White

I fell for the original Snickers during their “Hungry? Why Wait?” campaign in the early aughts. There was something sticking about seeing your favorite celebrities acting cranky only to be handed a Snickers bar and come back down from diva status. It spoke to me. In a time before the protein bar became mainstream, Snickers’ vying placement to be the bar you picked up at the checkout counter worked: ten years on they’re still inscribed with the slogan among others.

Snickers White, like Twix White, used to be a limited edition release. However, at the start of 2020, Mars, Incorporated introduced it into the landy of candy, land of cand[y], the Sovereignity of Sweets full time. When I picked this one up off of the shelf, I felt a bit, odd. I like Snickers for its complexity, it feels like the milk chocolate and nougat and peanuts and caramel have this easy to enjoy cohesion going on. What would that be like with the cocoa butter taste amped to 11?

On first bite, it felt soft. I thought to myself, did Snickers always feel soft? This soft? I chalked it up to the white chocolate probably having a lower melting point than the milk chocolate it was replacing. Thankfully, on the inside, it’s exactly the same, nougat, peanut, caramel, and happily so.

But, eerily enough, the white chocolate doesn’t feel like it makes a difference. It’s white chocolate, yeah, and it thankfully lacks some of the stomach-churning creaminess I’ve come into contact with regarding palm oil and whey(milk) together lately, but there’s something odd going on here, and I’ll get to it. However, on a bigger bite, it’s very noticeable that this isn’t a regular Snickers, but with smaller, tinier bites, it very well could be. Maybe this could be attributed to the lack of toothsomeness the white chocolate affords compared to the stiffer milk chocolate that an original Snickers is draped in.

So I checked the calorie count. Same. The ingredient list doesn’t have anything that would alter the coloring of the chocolate either, baffling me to how exactly this could taste so similar, despite the white chocolate replacing milk chocolate. Could the milk chocolate in a Snickers actually be so sweet that replacing it makes almost no difference? It sounds wild but… could it be true?

If I blindfolded you, I don’t think you could tell I’d given you a Snickers White. Try it out if you want to see for yourself, but me? With this being so close to the original that I already love, I’m going back to the OG.

Found at Walgreens.

September 9, 2020

Skittles Dips Creamy Yogurt

The word dip brings about so many different concepts in my head, but for me it’s all about the ’96 bop, “Da Dip” by Freak Nasty. And yeah, my brain definitely went, “when I dip, you dip, we dip.” And then I grabbed these, some other items and dipped out. I’ve gotta say, I love buying candy at Walgreens. The one I usually frequent has a very long candy aisle, a little bit hidden from foot traffic, and they always have deals with a Walgreens card. Like, totally not shilling for the ‘Greens, but hey, trying to find single serving variety candy in my area is hard.

I think it was the creamy white on this package of Skittles that drew my eye first. I’m so used to ignoring the all-red, rainbow emblazoned version that seeing this, with an actual lack of candies in favor of showing off one big dip caught my eye. I wondered how a yogurt dipped Skittle would be, and took it for its word that I would easily be able to tell which color was what under that yogurt coating.

I poured these out onto my desk to find adorable, rounded, yogurt-white colored candy. They have a single silver S printed on each, but staring straight at them, unless you bite through or cut them open, you kinda aren’t really telling what’s what flavor wise. The coating is creamy, delicious, and the flavor is light: more of a sweetened yogurt, the kind meant for adults but if you gave it to your kid in lieu of a mini little bite-sized fruit thing, they wouldn’t notice.

But whoa. The chew is… it’s hard. It’s hard as hell. Ow. Like dude, if you have problems with your teeth? No go. If you like eating and chewing other foods, no go. These— ow. My jaw hurt after about SIX of these, and I had a sharing size pack. Have you ever looked ahead into your immediate future and felt afraid? That’s what I did. I had a That’s So Raven vision of my teeth falling out and I felt SCARED. And to be fair, hours later, my jaw still felt stiff. Wow.

Underneath the coating, they’re Skittles, little fruit flavor bombs of awesomeness, but I’ll be damned if I need to like, suck the yogurt off of a candy shell before I get to crunch in. I suspect that perhaps cooling the yogurt shell to a hardening point probably affected the Skittles underneath, making them at least twice as hard as they should be.

These ended up being an odd pick. Before I scooped them up, I was imagining a sweet, yogurt-covered raisin type exterior, and I got a completed shell version of that. Aesthetically, they’re super pleasing. I love the white shell, I love the little silver S. But golly gee whiz, I’m never attempting to chew one of these ever again.

Yeah no.

I put my hand up on your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip.

Found at Walgreens.

September 5, 2020

Hershey’s Kisses – Vampire

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Happy Halloween 1st everyone! September marks the start of my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN! Is Halloween even going to happen this year? Can I use a t-shirt cannon and launch candy at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters from a “safe” distance? Is that just a me fantasy? A handful of tasty treats are out this year such as the Witch’s Brew Kit Kats, the Reese’s Franken-cup and these to name a few. (Stay tuned to see reviews of those, because I have totally eaten them!)

Hershey’s Kisses are not my first choice when it comes to filling my candy dish (that I have since given up since working from home for the last year). I typically only ever get them in my Christmas stocking from “Santa” and occasionally in one of those mixed candy bags.

I’ll be honest, upon first glace (and taste) I did not realize that they had strawberry filling. My hand most likely covered the small tucked in graphic on the corner of the bag that said that they were filled with a strawberry creme. Oops!

The outside is your classic Hershey’s milk chocolate. The inside is a super sweet gooey inside similar to a Cadbury egg. Admittedly I ate a couple the other day but didn’t even realize that the creme was flavored because is in my opinion very faint compared to the chocolate. The strawberry was sweet and didn’t taste overly artificial, the creme itself is more sugary sweet than anything. One great thing is that the very red creme doesn’t stain your mouth, though I am sure it would definitely stain your clothes, so these are best enjoyed in one bite.

Overall, these are a nice twist to a classic. If you are looking for something festive, but not overly polarizing for your candy dish, these might be for you. Just don’t put them in your pocket for later or you’ll have a gooey mess!

September 1, 2020

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats with Milk Chocolate M&Ms Minis

Certain foods have stuck with me my whole life. Coke, Chipotle, a fondness for the flavor combos of Chewy bars but not the grittiness of actually eating them, and lovingly staring at Rice Krispies Treats bars. Today on my way home, I picked one up, imagined its marshmallow and crisped rice flavor and smiled. It was chock, and I mean chock— FULL of mini M&Ms.

When I was growing up, my high school served Domino’s Pizza in the cafeteria, had soda machines in every hallway on the main campus and snack machines mostly near the lunchroom. I was too poor to eat a slice and afford a drink everyday. I had a ten dollar budget I stretched five days. I regularly ate a cardboard boat of seasoned fries fresh from thaw into the deep fryer and a Sprite. Two bucks a day, five days, covered.

On days where lunches and snacks were shared, two things reigned supreme: peanut M&Ms and RICE. KRISPY. TREATS. As evidenced by my attraction to Cookies and Creme Twix’s electric blue wrapper, Rice Krispies Treats have always held my eye. The snack-size, to-go single one shot versions were always in the lunchboxes of my better-off friends, but every once in a while the line for fries was too long, or I got there too late. So I either chose a Jumbo Honeybun or you guessed it, a Rice Krispies Treat.

I liked them as much then as I do now. Pillowy, crunchy puffed rice. Gooey, sweet marshmallow sugar strings as you pull them apart; because who eats these whole? And now, in adulthood, the crunchy, chocolatey addition of tiny, perfect little M&Ms. They’re the perfect bite, the perfect yield, the perfect chew, the perfect bend and pull and shareable size.

They’re sweet and perfect. The best, best, best version of a marshmallow square you, or your friends, or your mom, or grandma tried to make for you. They don’t use off-brand cereal, they aren’t stale and flat-tasting like other brands. They aren’t too hard and don’t feel like the edges are razor sharp and ready to slice your tongue in two.

It’s commercial marshmallow: corn syrupy, vegetable oil and natural and artificial flavor, toasted rice cereal and mini candy-coated chocolate morsels. If you like that description? Crave that?

Buy one of these.

Found at Wawa.

August 19, 2020

KitKat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate

It seems like for the foreseeable future, my new lot in life is to peruse the candy aisle in various stores on different quick stops after work. This really isn’t any different than any other time in my life, but now, it has magical purpose. No longer am I just grabbing a Twix or Snickers and making my way to the front. No longer do I scoff at other choices and pursue what I feel are my favorites(I still do, so much candy feels so… boring). No longer do I avoid a simpler bar, because a simpler bar can still fill a specific niche. On my last venture, when I grabbed the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Reese’s Pieces Bar, these KitKat Duos were sitting next to them. I remember thinking I would pick them up next time.

Then came next time. I grabbed my usual stuff, I grabbed the KitKats, and I made my way home. I was so hungry(a reoccurring after work theme), that I set up and shot pictures for this and then chowed down. And let me first say, I have some questions, I may have some answers, but overall, I felt minty.

Mint is a strong flavor, a few drops of oil of peppermint can be enough to overwhelm the nostrils, and it seems like it hits me in my sinuses. I wouldn’t recommend this bar to the anybody who doesn’t like mint, and at the time of night I had it, this bar definitely woke me up. But in a good way. This KitKat bar feels like a late night road trip snack, something you have with a hot drip coffee. That mint and chocolate combo hits in a way that I think would pair well with a medium dark or dark roast.

My second concern is that with so much mint, I could hardly taste the chocolate, and with the mint creme being so sweet, it didn’t contrast in the way I thought dark chocolate would. Putting this bar up to my nose, I smelled only mint, even when I flipped it around in my fingers. This bar is so minty in fact, that with my stomach being a bit sensitive to creamy textures(eggy and mayo heavy things being the triggers) a full four KitKat servings was enough to make my stomach flop a bit. The minty creme flavor lingers too.

The wafer, however, the KitKat staple, is THE SAME™, something I very much value. After Cookies and Creme Twix and several oddly tasting mashups, the reliability of knowing that yes, that KitKat wafer is still that same KitKat wafer might make it the best part of the bar. I can say with confidence that Hershey/Nestle has some spot-on quality control within these confines.

Overall, were I a regular Kat enthusiast, this would be a go-to. The creme is flavorful, but engaging, and what would a twist be without the twist being noteworthy? I also would have preferred a darker chocolate to contrast, but in the grand scheme of things, this KitKat is a treat and an addition I welcome to my candy aisle.

And imagine, if you were a child and Hershey’s made minis of these for Halloween? I’d have to add a new favorite onto kid me’s list.

Found at Walgreens.

July 28, 2020