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January 2020

Nutella B-Ready

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Good Evening friends – I hope everyone is ready for the weekend because I sure am! I picked this treat up at a Ukrainian market recently and I have never seen them around before this. Bread and Nutella? Sign me up.

From the outside it looks like we are in for a bready treat with smooth creamy Nutella on the inside with chunks of hazelnut. This package weighed nearly nothing but I liked that it was packaged with a bit of rigid cardboard to protect the confection on the inside from being crushed. Upon opening the package I was greeted with two individually wrapped… B-ready…s? I really think they are on to something and could sell these individually at a check lane.

The outside is made of a wafer thin exterior. Do you have bear paws for hands? You will definitely crush this in your hand if you aren’t careful. This treat is approximately 3 bites, scientifically speaking. The inside is filled with creamy Nutella, however no crunchy bits like in the picture which is okay as the outside really brings a nice texture to the mix. My only complaint is that Nutella can be a little on the thick side and if you eat this too fast, you will be chewing for a while.

If you can get ahold of one of these and really like Nutella this snack is for you. Light and airy and full of flavor. If these were readily available at a checklane, I would definitely pick these up on the regular.

Found at Citrus Plaza Market

January 16, 2020

Great Value – Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza

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Good Afternoon Foodies – I hope everyone’s start to the new year has been a good one! I don’t eat a ton of pizza, because lactose and I don’t get along, but occasionally I will indulge and eat some cheese. Walmart has recently released some breakfast pizzas, pretzel crusts pizzas, and some dessert pizzas. We picked up the Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza and another one which will pop up on the blog in a few days.

Let’s start with my deep deep love for anything pretzel. I would say that pretzels are my favorite snack food, pretzel bagels are my go to on the weekends, mickey pretzels are my favorite at Disneyland, and pretzel pizza crust? I am all about it.

A couple of things to note up front, this pizza is GREASY. That’s pretty par for the course with pepperoni however because of the way that these pepperonis curl, it really traps the grease. Secondly, this pizza is very doughy. I found that with this pizza and the other that I needed to cook them longer than the suggested time on the box. Pizza number 2 was very underbaked.

I didn’t read the fine print on the box and was completely under the impression that the pepperoni was hot honey flavored. I ate one of the pepperonis off the pizza before actually taking a bite and said to myself “what the heck?!” as it tasted like normal pepperoni (because, wow it was!) The sauce is in fact hot honey flavored and it was quite tasty. As a whole, I really liked this pizza. My only complaint that the crust didn’t seen overly pretzel-y to me, it had more of the texture of a regular pan pizza. Either way, I would eat this again, however, be prepared for some serious heartburn after.

Found at Walmart

January 5, 2020

Kit Kat – Party Ice Cream – Import Edition

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Happy New Year friends! I hope everyone’s 2020 is off to a great start!

I occasionally hit up a local Asian market for yummy snacks. Luckily it’s sort of out of the way, otherwise I would be completely broke from constantly buying snacks from there. Picked up the usual, noodles, some sauces, Lotte Koala cookies, Pejoy, etc. They almost always have sort of import Kit Kat bars but at 7 dollars a bag, I usually go hmm that sounds good/bad/otherwise and put the bag back down. When I saw this colorful bag jump out at me on the shelf, I knew I couldn’t pass them up.

Let’s start with what is Party Ice Cream? I havn’t a clue, but judging by the picture, its soft serve ice cream, cookie straws, and a sprig of mint. Sounds like a pretty tame party if you ask me. For some reason, my brain interpreted the speckles on the Kit Kat pictured on the package as sprinkles but alas, it is just what appears to be microscopic cookie pieces/crumbs.

I was concerned that these were going to be flavored white chocolate which I a not a fan of. To me, white chocolate is overly sweet and not the best flavor. When I opened the bag, I won’t lie, it smelled a bit like sour milk. I was afraid I was in for a real doozy of a treat but I pressed on. The Kit Kat coating is very soft, not a white chocolate at all. It has a very distinct dairy/vanilla ice cream flavor. It is sweet but not overly sweet or artificial tasting, the wafer inside mixed with the outside coating makes it taste like a perfect vanilla soft serve cone in one of those thin wafery ice cream cones. I immediately hid these in my desk drawer because them being in any easily accessible space means that they would be instantly devoured.

I am going to pop a few in the freezer because I imagine that they would be absolutely delightful frozen. If you are feeling adventurous, I would suggest you pick up a bag if you find them at your local import market or Amazon/Ebay.

Found at Oto’s Marketplace

January 1, 2020