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June 2021

Kit Kat – Limited Edition – Fruity Cereal

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When I was a kid, I BEGGED my parents for a cat. We always had cats, but I wanted my own cat. I wrote a long winded note and taped it to my door, asking my parents to consider my request, that I would feed the cat, clean up after it, etc. but anyone who knows a child, knows that it would be another undertaking of my parents. I don’t think it took much arm twisting, like I said, we always had a handful of cats when I was growing up (and I have 4 of my own now).

I remember my mom and I looked in the newspaper for people advertising that they had kittens, yes I am that old that we used the newspaper! We found ourselves at a lady’s house and she had an adorable litter of kittens. I wanted all of them, but one stuck out to me, probably because she was so small. I left the lady’s house with my runt kitten in tow, a cat that I would have for 20 years. My mom asked me what I wanted to name her, and one name was all I considered, Kit Kat.

I couldn’t tell you if Kit Kats were my favorite at the time, but the two will forever be attached together. Kit Kats are definitely a go to candy for me, especially with the addition of the dark chocolate flavor. Dark chocolate, a candy that I can snap apart and eat methodically? I. Am. In.

When you open the packaging of these cuties, you are immediately met with the smell of berry. Pastel pink with bits of pieces of fruity cereal are really pleasing to the eye. Also I know it is definitely a licensing thing, but I feel like it was a little bit of a missed opportunity by not calling it Frooty Cereal!

The white chocolate is very soft which I remember the Party Ice Cream Kit Kats being the same way. The chocolate is smooth and has a great texture with the wafer part and the cereal bits. The flavor is strong but not overpowering, no distinct fruit flavor that you can pick out, but a nice blend of berry flavoring. Essentially, the overall flavor of these are stronger flavored cereal milk after you’ve eaten all the cereal. I think this is a great white chocolate offering to add to their permanent line up if they decide to keep it around.

Don’t steal my fingerprints to do crimes, it’s hotter than hot in here in California, and everything remotely melty is right on the edge of it’s seat of falling apart in your hands and my Kit Kats are no exception in this heat right now. I would definitely buy these again, and now that I am thinking about it, I should probably put a few in the fridge for a late night snack!

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June 30, 2021

Planters Cashews – Sweet Cayenne and Hot & Spicy

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I have a few older reviews that I started but never had a chance to finish. The next few days I am going to be wrapping these up and sending them out into the universe!

Cashews are my absolute favorite nut but holy cow are they expensive, so I rarely buy myself tins because I can destroy them in one sitting. I picked these packs up at a gas station near my house, which is usually my go to snack when I actually meander inside. This will be a two part review! Let’s start with the hot & spicy flavor, which is the cup pictured on the upper right in the picture below.

The hot & spicy cashews have a good amount of heat to them with a very faint vinegar undertone to them in my opinion. Think Tabasco sauce but in a generous powder form. The cashews are evenly coated, which I appreciate. I also enjoy that it’s not a bag of cashew shards, which is SUPER annoying. The heat balances nicely with the flavor of the cashew, not too spicy, but enough to give you a little bit of a kick.

The Sweet Cayenne BBQ flavor is the winner out of the two for me (pictured in the lower left). BBQ and I haven’t always loved each other, but lately I have been definitely dabbling in the land of BBQ sauce. The sweetness and smokiness of the BBQ flavor and the nice subtle heat of the cayenne pepper, make these hard to resist. I think I could probably pour the entire package directly into my mouth in one swoop.

I would buy both of these again (and again).

Found at AM/PM gas station

June 28, 2021

Sun-Maid Bites – Birthday Cake

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Hello everyone! I would just like to start with a little bit of what is going on with me! I left my job in March with nothing lined up, and have been flying by the seat of my pants for the last few months. It’s been a wonderful and much needed change of pace for me and my creativity. Trying to figure out my work-life balance has been a little wonky, but if you have been following me for any amount of time, you would know that has always been a struggle for me. Anywho – I have a ton of snacks to review, some older stuff that has been out for a little bit and of course some new stuff hot off the shelves!

Let’s start with these Sun-Maid Bites. I do not like raisins. There, I said it. I have always thought they were gross. Many food idiosyncrasies for me have to do more with texture than taste, but raisins? Nah. Don’t like them. Never have. Never will.

I am not really sure what possessed me to put these in my hand basket at the store the other day. I think it was the temptation of an overly sweet tasty granola type bite that really drew me in. Birthday cake? Yes please. It appears that these are not new, but new to me, having come out in 2020. Flavors include banana split, s’mores, pb&j, and birthday cake. I was only able to find the birthday cake and pb&j flavors at the store I was at, so I picked both of those up.

The picture above shows you exactly how much you get in this bag. It’s like a bag of chips, half full! I was excited at the tasty prospect from the vanilla drizzle, sprinkles, and cute size (approximately 1″ by 1″). Surely something so festive looking can’t taste like raisins, which I am positive are cleverly hidden in there. And you would be right, they don’t taste like raisins. The initial flavor that hits your tongue is vanilla, shortly followed up by what can only be described as what the smell of Play-Doh smells like.

One was enough for me for these guys – but I decided to have a second to confirm my feelings and yep, Play-Doh smell. Over all, the smell and the texture of these were good, however the taste is pretty off putting. I would not buy these again

Found at Grocery Outlet

June 23, 2021