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August 2021

Lay’s Flavor Swap – Doritos Cool Ranch

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Cool Ranch Doritos used to be MY JAM as a kid. It was pretty much the only chip that I would ever pick, and it got to the point where I ate them for so long that now as an adult, I can’t even stomach the idea of Cool Ranch chips. Same thing with bananas (though, I ALSO hate the texture, so there’s that.) When I saw that Lay’s was coming out with the flavor swap chips, I knew that I would meet Cool Ranch again, and I would of course have to try these.

Original Lay’s chips are not really my thing. I find them to be unsatisfying, greasy, and just overall bland. It is always shocking to me that people choose these as their chip of choice when you can have so many other things. I do however like the Lay’s wavy chips, those are a great dip vessel and have a substantial crunch and don’t have the grease factor. Also, can we take a moment to address the font choice on the DORITOS Cool Ranch lettering? It’s really upsetting to me.

The chip base is exactly what you would expect from a typical Lay’s potato chip. The Doritos Cool Ranch seasoning has a decent coating on all the chips in the bag, assuring that you won’t bite into a bland one. These taste exactly how you would expect, minus the corn chip base. The flavor packs the same tang as Cool Ranch Doritos – buttermilk taste mixed with various herbs and spices. Over all I thought these were a decent execution of the flavor swap idea. I think I would have liked these even more if the flavoring was on the Wavy version of the chip, giving it the more hardy crunch that I am used to with a Dorito. On the plus side, at least eating these won’t destroy the corners of your mouth. Overall, if I ever get the hankering for a bag of Cool Ranch chips, I would definitely reach for the Doritos over this iteration. Fun idea, but I think the original is better.

Found at Target
August 23, 2021

Simply Chex – Strawberry Yogurt

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There are some snacks that I see on the shelf that I pass up because they don’t initially grab me. Strawberry yogurt Chex was definitely one of those items, however the other day when I was scanning the chip aisle for something to snack on, these called out to me. Some people lean towards sweet flavors, some lean toward salty, but I personally take up every lane and will eat both (and bonus points for something that is sweet AND salty!)

I poured myself a small bowl and immediately noticed that every piece of cereal in the bag is covered with a fine coating of flavor. This flavoring is sweet with a tangy strawberry undertone with the actual yogurt covered Chex carrying most of the strawberry flavoring on it’s shoulders. I liked the flavoring of the coating, however I feel that the cereal choice for the bulk of this snack is completely off base. Using corn Chex completely steamrolls all of the tasty flavors in this bag. If you have ever had corn Chex, you know that the flavoring is quite prominent. The delicate sweet strawberry coating is quickly lost in the corn flavoring. Simply put, this has WAY TOO MANY corn Chex in it. I would have been completely cool if they used all rice Chex as I feel this is a little more forgiving flavor to deliver a different flavor on.

Secondly, despite the picture on the bag, the amount of yogurt Chex is pretty low, and truthfully the best part of the bag. The rest of the plain Chex are really just filler and I found myself actively looking for the yogurt ones. I would be more apt to buy this again if it was just a bag of the yogurt covered Chex, and nothing else. Heck, I would even pay more just to have those. The yogurt is creamy and sweet and compliments the strawberry flavor nicely. Overall, I think this snack was pretty middle of the road. I definitely do not see myself buying this again due to the abundance of corn Chex, but the flavor profile in general is pretty good. Worth a try but not worth a second buy.

Found at Walmart Neighborhood Market
August 5, 2021

Calbee Grill-A-Corn Barbecue – Import

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I must admit that I am very jealous of the snack foods that other countries get. Calbee pretty much has a golden ticket to my heart as I don’t think I have ever had something that they have made that I have disliked. Truth be told, I was on a mission at 99 Ranch to buy a bag of Orion Turtle Chips (Corn Soup Flavored). I LOVE sweet corn flavored things. A close second to these are the Pretz Sweet Corn Sticks. Unfortunately not only did I strike out with the Turtle Chips, but they were also out of the Pretz. DANG IT. I resorted to what any reasonable person would do in my situation, I bought pretty much every corn flavored snack I could find down the chip aisle. (so be prepared for those reviews coming up in the next couple weeks)

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I grabbed these for an afternoon snack. The picture on the outside looked like roasted corn, but the very small English label on the back read barbecue, so my brain instantly snapped to Americanized BBQ chips, which I was kind of bummed about because those are definitely not my chip of choice. I use a small ramekin to take photos of what the food looks like, and then I will eat that as the serving and save the rest for later. They have the exact same look (sans cheese) and texture as Cheetos. I absolutely love Cheetos – so I knew I was going to be into the texture of these. I popped one in my mouth and was very surprised by the flavor. I was fully expecting them to have a barbecue flavor, but I was met with a slightly sweet, perfectly salted, lightly flavored corn chip.

I was instantly hooked. Turtle Chip who? Just kidding, those still have my heart, but these definitely gave the Turtle Chips a run for their money. I DESTROYED this bag of chips in record time, these are absolutely delicious. The flavor is light but not underwhelming. You don’t get the Cheetos fingers however you do get some residuals from the flavoring, so if that is your jam, these are definitely for you. I looked up the ingredients and they are flavored with sugar, salt, spices and flavor (lol), yeast extract, soy sauce, roast meat seasoning, amongst other things to give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of flavor. I would say if you can get your hands on a bag of these, buy two, because you’ll want more. Next time I hit 99 Ranch, I am definitely going to buy these again.

Found at 99 Ranch Market
August 1, 2021