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Remember in school when they taught you about the food pyramid? Is that a thing that they still teach? Well I am here to tell you that they got that thing all wrong. The best food group on the pyramid is BREAD. Hands down. Can’t convince me otherwise, sorry.

Every time my pants fit a little tight, or a shirt is a little snug, I tell myself I should probably cut out the bread. And then I pick up a loaf of garlic bread for dinner, or I grab a bag of everything bagels for breakfasts, tummy ache? let’s have a slice of sourdough toast. I think I would have a better chance of giving up sugar vs bread and I am okay with that.

When I saw these tucked into the shelf in the bread aisle, I was excited. I LOVE a croissant. I also love mini food – I think it fools your brain into thinking that you’re not completely throwing self control to the wind and indulging in a tiny bite. Despite that tiny bit turning into like four of these.

The appearance… is not great. Approximately 20 mini croissants jammed into a bag then stuffed onto a store shelf doesn’t do much to preserve the delicate appearance of a yummy flaky croissant. To be fair, I think the problem originates with the texture of the croissant itself. When I think of this delicious pastry, I think of the finest thin layers of flaky buttery goodness that de-materialize the moment you take your first bite, getting more all over yourself than in your mouth. These? These are just bread with a sourdough base at a croissant costume party. That light and airy flaky texture I was looking for? Nope. Oops! All bread.

Don’t get me wrong, the flavor is good. These would be fine warmed up as a side for dinner, but unfortunately they are not very remarkable. Want to take it to the next level Thomas’? Hit me with that everything bagel mini croissant and I will literally use one of those money guns in your general direction. I might buy these again, just to see if maybe I got a batch that might have been tucked in a little too tight.

Found at Walmart

August 14, 2020
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