Trader Joe’s Cranberry & White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Over the past couple of years, there have been some changes to Trader Joe’s items. Selection for bakery items has always been seasonal, for sure, with half loaves of breads available in New York stores and great San Francisco sourdough only available in California. As bread becomes a less popular staple in some cities, the company has pulled some of its lines and subsequently the baguettes, rolls and ubiquitous pretzel rolls(RIP sweet prince), but in their place, more versatile offerings have appeared. There are several gluten free breads, bagels and desserts at my regular stop now, and for non-sensitive and non-celiac customers the company has seemed to go all in on a few choice favorites rather than stick to experimenting. Vegan banana bread, pancake bread and the new line of boxed, bakery-side fresh cookies are keepers. While not all offerings are amazing(looking at you Pearl Sugar Cookies), some are better than they have any right to be.

Trader Joe’s Cranberry & White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies feel like I was made to try them. To poke fun at ourselves here, Erin isn’t too hot on white chocolate and I like to pretend that it wasn’t my wit and tastebud expertise that the lovely lady brought me on for, but my willingness to subject myself to any and all white chocolate offerings. Alternatively, these cookies were made for me: I was the kid that loved raisins and saw the little red boxes that made their appearances on Halloween as a treat: dried cranberries are their grown up cousins. I was the kid that looked forward to dollar store oatmeal cookies because they had that high fructose white icing and stiff, crisp crunch. Granny didn’t eat them, but she did buy them for the grandkids.

These are bendable, pliable, soft cookies stacked into a cardboard box with a plastic window to peep them through. You can taste the oats and brown sugar immediately, a hint of cinnamon, the weight of butter and oil. The oats on top are crunchy and craggy, the ones below soft and more texturally intact. Some are circular, some are a little oblong, but they’re all jam-packed with dried sweetened cranberries and chunks of white chocolate that remain solid and toothsome until cracked into. Perfection. Heaven. A way to ensure that I definitely will snack myself into a sugar-induced coma.

The other types, Pearl Sugar and Chocolate Chip, simply don’t compare to something done so well. On another pro note, while there is palm oil in these cookies through the margarine used, the white chocolate does not include it, leading to a flavor that isn’t so creamy and is more of a crunchy surprise suspended mid-brown sugar and cinnamon.

Simply delightful.

Found at Trader Joe’s.

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