St. Albans Aged Cows’ Milk Cheese

St. Albans comes in a tiny clay crock, which is super cute and very convenient for the would-be fonduer. It even suggests popping this in the oven for a molten, melty treat. I found these little pucks stacked up in a corner of the cheese cold case in Trader Joe’s. Cheese is a luxury purchase for me, I usually grab slices, singles or bags of shreds(I know, shame, shame), a wedge or specialty cheese I usually save to buy to enjoy with friends. If it isn’t obvious, I didn’t grow up eating a lot of cheese. At least, not anything that didn’t in some form of the color yellow, and have the words American in it. On the flip side, this is an aged cows’ milk cheese with a nicely designed label. Welcome to adulthood, I guess.

The smell from the wrapped package is unctuous and deep. Foot-like, but foot-lite, it’s a stinky one, but not anything near levels of stink that might drive a novice cheese aficionado away. For it’s price, $3.99, it’s a definite steal. Combining the value of the crock and a 80 calorie, 3 serving puck of cheese, this is fondue for one. Midsummer? Yeah. I did it, and you can too. It’s worth it.

Out of the oven(400F for 20 minutes, left out on the counter to come to room temp when brought home before heating), this wasn’t molten hot, but gooey, and delicious. I took a bit of video where I tested how much it would stretch but I won’t be posting it because it looks kinda… gross. It smelled mild, and tasted nutty. Nutty, nutty, nutty. Overall, I would describe it as light, mild, delicious and inoffensive. It reformed quickly as I ate dinner, but it’s signature taste, the nutty, milky vibe, that felt fresh and vibrant the whole way through.

Personally, I made dinner in mind with this. Sliced and roasted zucchini and gold potato, with a panko-breaded chicken katsu from a previous dinner reheated in the oven. I will say, that because of its quick return to low viscosity, its thickness didn’t perform as well as I would’ve liked with the zucchini, which fell apart when I tried to dunk anything in about five minutes out.

This was a fun treat, and on some nights I’m thinking of going light and lean, I would definitely try some breaded chicken breast and potatoes with it again.

Found at Trader Joe’s.

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