Snickers White

I fell for the original Snickers during their “Hungry? Why Wait?” campaign in the early aughts. There was something sticking about seeing your favorite celebrities acting cranky only to be handed a Snickers bar and come back down from diva status. It spoke to me. In a time before the protein bar became mainstream, Snickers’ vying placement to be the bar you picked up at the checkout counter worked: ten years on they’re still inscribed with the slogan among others.

Snickers White, like Twix White, used to be a limited edition release. However, at the start of 2020, Mars, Incorporated introduced it into the landy of candy, land of cand[y], the Sovereignity of Sweets full time. When I picked this one up off of the shelf, I felt a bit, odd. I like Snickers for its complexity, it feels like the milk chocolate and nougat and peanuts and caramel have this easy to enjoy cohesion going on. What would that be like with the cocoa butter taste amped to 11?

On first bite, it felt soft. I thought to myself, did Snickers always feel soft? This soft? I chalked it up to the white chocolate probably having a lower melting point than the milk chocolate it was replacing. Thankfully, on the inside, it’s exactly the same, nougat, peanut, caramel, and happily so.

But, eerily enough, the white chocolate doesn’t feel like it makes a difference. It’s white chocolate, yeah, and it thankfully lacks some of the stomach-churning creaminess I’ve come into contact with regarding palm oil and whey(milk) together lately, but there’s something odd going on here, and I’ll get to it. However, on a bigger bite, it’s very noticeable that this isn’t a regular Snickers, but with smaller, tinier bites, it very well could be. Maybe this could be attributed to the lack of toothsomeness the white chocolate affords compared to the stiffer milk chocolate that an original Snickers is draped in.

So I checked the calorie count. Same. The ingredient list doesn’t have anything that would alter the coloring of the chocolate either, baffling me to how exactly this could taste so similar, despite the white chocolate replacing milk chocolate. Could the milk chocolate in a Snickers actually be so sweet that replacing it makes almost no difference? It sounds wild but… could it be true?

If I blindfolded you, I don’t think you could tell I’d given you a Snickers White. Try it out if you want to see for yourself, but me? With this being so close to the original that I already love, I’m going back to the OG.

Found at Walgreens.

September 9, 2020
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