Planters Cashews – Sweet Cayenne and Hot & Spicy

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I have a few older reviews that I started but never had a chance to finish. The next few days I am going to be wrapping these up and sending them out into the universe!

Cashews are my absolute favorite nut but holy cow are they expensive, so I rarely buy myself tins because I can destroy them in one sitting. I picked these packs up at a gas station near my house, which is usually my go to snack when I actually meander inside. This will be a two part review! Let’s start with the hot & spicy flavor, which is the cup pictured on the upper right in the picture below.

The hot & spicy cashews have a good amount of heat to them with a very faint vinegar undertone to them in my opinion. Think Tabasco sauce but in a generous powder form. The cashews are evenly coated, which I appreciate. I also enjoy that it’s not a bag of cashew shards, which is SUPER annoying. The heat balances nicely with the flavor of the cashew, not too spicy, but enough to give you a little bit of a kick.

The Sweet Cayenne BBQ flavor is the winner out of the two for me (pictured in the lower left). BBQ and I haven’t always loved each other, but lately I have been definitely dabbling in the land of BBQ sauce. The sweetness and smokiness of the BBQ flavor and the nice subtle heat of the cayenne pepper, make these hard to resist. I think I could probably pour the entire package directly into my mouth in one swoop.

I would buy both of these again (and again).

Found at AM/PM gas station

June 28, 2021
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