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When I think Uncrustables, I am brought back to the days of school lunches. Uncrustables didn’t exist when I was a kid, however my mom had this handle sandwich press from Pampered Chef that would make exactly what a peanut butter and jelly Uncrustable would look like. I always thought it was rather wasteful as you had the whole edge outside part of the bread and the crust that was essentially “trash” (which I ate anyways). The idea of it was fun though, and putting food in some sort of pocket always makes it better I guess.

The idea of a savory Uncrustable left me scratching my head a little bit. While the idea isn’t terrible, I guess it never really crossed my mind as an option. I would like to start with that these are not the typical Uncrustable with a fluffy white bread exterior. I would akin the bread on these as more of the texture of the butt-end part of a loaf of bread. Slightly tougher exterior but soft on the inside. These are prepared by steaming them in the bag, which I was convinced was going to melt onto these treats, but alas it did not. However, it was so steaming hot that I can now commit crimes without fear of leaving fingerprints behind.

The insides of these look nothing like the picture on the outside of the box. I was fully expecting a nice little meat filled pouch, but the innards were pretty lacking. Boasting taco meat, cheese, salsa, and seasoning, I though that the flavor of these were pretty decent all things considered. The meat has a good spice to it, the cheese is subtle but there, and the salsa blends well with the rest of the flavors, tying the whole thing together. I personally like my tacos a bit more on the spicy side, so I think the addition of some Tapatio would have really helped these out.

Overall, I thought these were alright. I don’t think I would ever reach for them again in the freezer section, but I wouldn’t turn them down if I found some in my freezer. They make for a great little afternoon snack.

Found at Target – This is a review from a couple months ago that got buried in the back of the blog refrigerator.
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