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Do you enjoy eating crackers with meat or cheese (or both) or other toppings? I am totally not that person. When I was a kid, we only had one kind of Lunchables, which had the two different crackers, ham and turkey, two cheeses, and an Andes mint> I always ate each item separately (except the ham, no thank you) and have retained this habit into my adulthood. I think part of it stems from my texture hangups with food, but I frequently like to eat things in an order. All of A then all of B, very rarely do I eat A and B back and forth. Alright, enough about my weird food hang ups and let’s talk about the Kellogg’s Club Crackers, artist formally known as KEEBLER Club Crackers.

Am I the only person that has a hard time just taking a few crackers from the sleeve and enjoying those, and being perfectly content to leave the other cracker friends in the sleeve for later? I am also guilty of eating entire sleeves of Ritz and other similarly packaged foods (ie. Pringles) Fun fact, the sleeve of Club Crackers has 17 crackers in it, for a total of 298 calories. Honestly, I thought it would be more, and I feel WAY less guilty about devouring a whole sleeve in one sitting. The Club Crisps bag is pretty massive but mostly filled with air to protect the product. I would like to start this review with the fact that I think these should have definitely been packaged in a box. I had a small portion of the bag with intact crisps, but much like I had suspected, 95% of the bag was Club Crisp shards. While this isn’t a problem for me, since I enjoy these straight from the bag to my mouth, if you had planned on enjoying these with anything other than yourself, you have very little to work with.

The coloring is a little lighter than the normal cracker version however you still get the buttery, flaky, salty, light flavor you are used to. The crisps remind me of something else that I have had before, but I can’t put my finger on it. These have the perfect amount of salt on them that really quenches the snack craving usually is resolved by nomming on some chips. These are similarly made to the Ritz Crisps, so if you like the texture of those, you will enjoy these. Overall, I really enjoyed these and could see myself buying them again. If they made small bags of these and sold them in a box, I think this would be a great addition to my afternoon snack rotation.

Found at Walmart
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