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Hooray! It’s 4 day weekend time (unless you are working on Thursday or Friday, in which case I say, I am sorry)! I thought about hitting my local grocery store to see if anything new would tickle my fancy to review for you guys tonight, but then I remembered how much I hate large crowds – let alone large crowds searching for food for tomorrow. On my 45 minute drive home from work I mentally went through my stash and remembered that I had picked these up at Walmart not too long ago.

Of all the snack crackers, Wheat Thins are my absolute favorite. I could, and have, easily demolish a box in one sitting if I am not paying attention. There is just something about the slightly buttery wheat flavor with the perfect amount of salt that sends me into a snack food frenzy. There are a few things that I hold sacred in the snack food world. Don’t put ketchup on french fries, don’t flavor blast my Goldfish, and there is no such thing as too much butter on popcorn.


I am not overly a fan of foods that have extreme flavor coatings. My mentality behind it is that it does not really enhance the flavor of the food it is on, but just clobbers it to death. Upon popping the bag open of the Cheese Crunch Wheat Thins, I was indeed met with a heavy coating of cheese powder on my beloved snack. I don’t know if working in grocery has turned me off to the way some cheese smells, or if working in the medical industry has exposed me to too much vomit, but honestly? This smelled like a mix between the two. You’re welcome for the mental picture.

After getting past the smell, I popped a couple in my mouth. Honestly? I wasn’t impressed. What have you done to my Wheat Thin? I feel like adding all these flavors to my favorite snack cracker is nothing short of trying to reinvent the wheel. The cheese flavor is definitely present, but does not leave any sort of aftertaste once you get to the thin itself. The sheer amount of powder all over these things really botches the entire flavor for me. Between these, Ranch, Sundried Tomato, and the Zesty Salsa, I only find the Zesty Salsa flavor somewhat decent.


Texture: 3/5 – Due to the intense amount of powdered cheese, it is akin to picking up a flocked Christmas tree. It gets everywhere. The powder is not grainy so it does not change the texture of the normally crunchy snack cracker.

Smell: 1/5 – Ugh.. no thank you.

Appearance: 2/5 – It is apparent by the cheese that you are not eating a normal Wheat Thin. These are definitely a snack that you do not want to consume if you are wearing a dark colored shirt to the office. Everyone will think you have a lovely case of dandruff!

Taste: 2.5/5 – I did not care for these very much. The cheese powder was overpowering and totally steamrolled the flavor of the Wheat Thin. I feel like had the cheese been baked into the cracker instead of sprinkled on the outside, that they would have yielded better results. These are no replacement for a delicious Cheez-It though.

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